What is The Faculty Club?

The Faculty Club is a private, “off campus” home, away from home, for the leaders of the Anschutz Medical community to gather socially with peers and colleagues and facilitate intimate conversations and serendipitous encounters that break down silos and foster innovation.

We are for the visionary, the innovator, the instructor, and the practitioner – those aspiring individuals who seek opportunity to push boundaries in all aspects of life. The Club’s atmosphere embraces the pioneering spirit of the West and the culture of achieving greatness.

We offer a sanctuary to celebrate, empower and connect medical professionals.

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What do we offer?

Aside from being part of a club that includes the premier innovators, doctors, professors and inspirational leaders, the benefits of membership are many. The Founding Class of 2023 has the opportunity to be part of history and craft traditions and a culture that embodies the entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit.

The Club is the living room of the campus and an extension of members’ homes. It is a sanctuary where members host their intimate events, business meetings, and inspiring discussion groups. Additional member benefits are creative dining options, unique experiences, and member only amenities which can be found on the following page.

Whether members wish to connect with their peers or find rest and respite after a trying workday; The Faculty Club remains as a home to its members who are always chasing the unknown with grit and hope.

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Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday: 11 AM - 8 PM

For more information, please reach out to Nicole Werdal.


Who can be a member?

All members of the full-time faculty, plus executive & administrative staff, managerial & professional staff in the employ of CU, and those in University-affiliated foundations who are appointed by current member, are eligible for membership in the Club upon completion of the member application form and paying the appropriate dues.

Membership by nomination may also be extended to part-time faculty, alumni, persons who have performed important service for the University, and selected persons employed at a sister or affiliate institution of higher education. Once an existing member submits a nomination form then the nominated party will be invited to complete an application form. All nominations are reviewed by the Club’s Membership Committee.

Member Amenities

Creative dining:

- Private lounge and bar setting.
- Private food and beverage menu.
- Live music entertainment.

Unique experiences:

- Opportunity to buy out the Club for private events.
- Philanthropic fundraising opportunities.
- Exclusive social events such as Member Mixers, Wine and Whiskey Tastings, Chef’s table dinner series.
- Private meeting rooms with AV support.
- Special member pricing on personal events booked in The Benson’s Ballroom, Rose Garden and public meeting rooms.
- The ability to share the member experience with up to 4 guests.
- Day passes available to appropriate guests through Member Referral.

Member only benefits:

- Special member pricing for The Benson Hotel guest rooms
- Special member pricing in The Common Good and lobby bar
- Special member pricing on personal events booked in The Benson’s Ballroom, Rose Garden and public meeting rooms



Q: How much are membership dues?

A: $600 annually.

Q: What type of payment do you accept and can I pay monthly?

A: Credit card only. Only one annual payment at the beginning of your membership is permitted.

Q: Is there a Food and Beverage minimum I need to spend?

A: Yes, $500 needs to be spent during the membership year in the club lounge, The Common Good and the lobby bar.

Q: If I utilize my member status to book a club meeting room with my department can I use a different form of payment method?

A: Yes. We do not allow member discounts to be utilized by non members, but member amenities are a case by case basis. If the member is comfortable with "sponsoring" the event and will be present at the event than that is acceptable.

Q: Are children allowed?

A: No, The Faculty Club is an 18 and over establishment.

Q: Can I use the Club to host a private event?

A: Yes! This would be qualified as a "buy out" and requires an additional fee.

Q: Can I personally have more than 4 private guests in the lounge setting?

A: No, but private meeting rooms do not have a maximum of non members who you are allowed to entertain.

Q: If I'm enjoying lunch with my non member guests and I have to suddenly leave , do they have to leave as well?

A: No, but you will be their "sponsor" and held responsible if they break any rules or policies.

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